Kartepe Summit, where is famous for its natural beauties and ski resorts, is located between İzmit Bay and Sapanca Lake.  Highest point of Kocaeli is known one of the best corner in the city.


Kocaeli is among the big and pioneer cities in Turkey and the world in the field of industry, commerce, logistics and informatics. It has been called as the capital of Industry in Turkey. Since there are a lot of international investments in both quality and quantity, they help to gain an international depth to the interest of the city.


Geographical position of Kocaeli gives an natural intersection identity to the city. The east side and the west side of Turkey, unite over Kocaeli. Beside the city is a tangible transportation, with its land, sea, and train way substructure, and transport center, it bonds the past and the future, the west and the east in terms of culture and civilization.


Kartepe Summit Project is developed from the potential of bringing west and east together with the location of the city under the guidance of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Summit is structured for producing constructive and effective contributions to correct encountered process that one can not be optimistic by providing a chance to find a solution to mankind problems in the 21st century.  Utilizing chances which are produced by new age for mankind’s today and future, to develop policy recommendations for solving problems is the main goal.


Physical and social interactions are much more easier with the possibilities of the age, encountered problem or development happened in the planet affects all of mankind without considering the distance. It emerges as a necessity to increase structures which are developing recommendations, producing solutions to mankind’s problems in line with this development. Kartepe Summit is a contribution to this necessity from Kocaeli.


Democracy, Strike, Migration, Refugee, Income Distribution, Sovereignty, World Order, Islamophobia, War, Security, Internet of Things... All subjects related to human and mankind is the subject of Kartepe Summit with its political and social aspects. In the summit which is held annually, it is pointed out that the opportunity fields for mankind, developed solution recommendations to problems in meetings by the intellectuals which have mental and practical approach on that year’s main theme. The result is announced to the world with the Kartepe Summit Declaration.

Main theme of the 2018 Kartepe Summit is planned as: Migration,Refugee, and Mankind. Scientists, policymakers, media members, civil socialists, politicians, and intellectuals are gathered in conferences, workshops, special sessions, and academic sessions.