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Kartepe Summit

Kartepe Summit is an international organization held under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, at Kartepe –a leading winter tourism destination in Turkey. It aims to contribute solutions to a number of problems the world faces.

Ranked among the leading cities of the world in terms of industry, trade, logistics and IT sectors, Kocaeli is considered “the Capital of Industry” in Turkey. The substantial numbers of complex international investments further underlines the extensive scope of sectors involved in the life of the city. Acting as a natural geographical junction bringing together the east and the west of Turkey, the city is not only rich in terms of the physical transportation networks with a wealth of air, land, sea and rail connections, but also a meeting ground of the East and the West, of the past and present in terms of culture and civilization.

Each year, the Kartepe Summit is held with a primary theme of major significance for the world and to humanity. The problems noted with reference to that primary theme are discussed with an interdisciplinary perspective, culminating in the definitions of and solution proposals for the problems thus identified. The conclusions of the summit are then shared with the global public through the “Kartepe Summit Declaration”.

Any issue significant for human beings and humanity as a whole, such as climate change, migration, distribution of income, gender equality, marginalization, information technologies, urbanization, and democracy, are covered by Kartepe Summit. The main theme defines a comprehensive perspective towards a multitude of secondary topics. At the summit, scientists, researchers, members of the civil society, policy-makers, decision-makers, and journalists share their views and proposals with the general public.

The first Kartepe Summit held in 2017, around the theme “15th of July, and the Coups d’Etat Worldwide” brought together 187 participants from 26 countries presenting their views and papers, culminating in a summit declaration presented to national and international agencies, including but not limited to the United Nations.

2018 saw Kartepe Summit organized around the theme “Immigration, Refugees, and the Humanity”. This time, 336 participants from 31 countries were given the opportunity to share their views with the global public, contributing to a Summit Declaration shared once again with the relevant national and international agencies.

Kartepe Summit 2019 will, in turn, be organized around the theme “Urbanization and Happy Cities” with specific reference to the phenomenon of urbanization. Urbanization’s impact on the future of humanity and the world, along with the problems and opportunities it poses shall be discussed in panels, conferences, forums and workshops to be organized, culminating again in a Summit Declaration.